The song on this ad sounds familiar …

This is live video footage of a song used on an advert that is shown at the minute. I’m not going to advertise what the ad is, so you can google it if you want to find out.

The band are called The David Goo Variety Band: and the song is called Keep on Wishing. It is in my opinion FAR too short, though the video is longer the sound quality isn’t that good.

Its one of those songs that you (I) keep hearing and think its someone else and then find out it isn’t.

I thought it was King Prawn … and if you have never heard of them …. enjoy!



day in day out
better watch your back

they`re watching you with security cams
they watch you coming in and they watch you go again

they`re watching you
everything you do
cos with their third eye they got a remote view
they spy on you and joe public too
a new world order taking over you

they poison you with their microwaves
they got you doing what they want and now you`ll be their slave
they zap you with ELFs
and now you`re feeling sick

they`re tracking you with their satellite
a secret microchip planted in your mind
info control=mind control
they got you acting like they want and you don`t even know



caught on the back step i see myself tripping
on the dark ship that i be voyaging
into the darkest deepest recess
my mirror image shatters into a thousand pieces
as i entertain the thoughts of my reflection
a one way ticket through the corridors of tension
the flip side, the negative vibe
too easy to hate and too lazy to like
so don’t pinch me now cos i know i’m alive
from the cold fronting to the demons inside
an invasion taking me over
exiled to an isle with my own paranoia
an awkwardness that drains me helpless
like paraplegics lying in comas
in touch with my nature’s a corpse that lies under
send you into stasis with a cold look stare

give me someone (to hate)…
caught on the back step i sense something’s missing
from this scene to the voices i’m hearing
into this perilous vortex of emotions
the battle commences with one’s defences
so check out my stature
an instinctive procedure
motions a signal – don’t you come any closer
the expression is a blank
no signs of weakness
disguise the guile as i hate myself
so don’t pinch me now cos i’m feeling alive
from the cold fronting to the demons inside
an invasion taking me over
exiled to an isle with my own paranoia
an awkwardness that drains me helpless
like a bad dream forever falling in darkness
the flip side the negative vibe
so easy to hate and too lazy to like



Small room
Room with no view
Confusion in my mind
Is it really me or you?
Out of reach and out of sight
Solitary confinement for peace of mind
With a cyclop’s eye through the peephole in the door
Now they kick and they curse me and they get me on the floor
The locks engage
I don’t even have the luxury of rage

Feeling far removed i view this situation
Nakedness a new degradation
They stare through a judas hole
But they can’t see into the depths of my soul

Depths of my soul



Poison in the air
Now I can’t breathe
Irritants in my eyes
So I can’t see
Poison in the air
Blotches on my face
Underground lies toxic waste
Poison in the air
Tell me you don’t care
Cos it’s in my clothes
And in my hair

I stand by the kerb
Not a moment to observe
When I see it’s head to tail
Hesitating to inhale
Now I’m wheezing
And the fumes have got me retching
Deep down in my lungs
A pocket of air is extricating
What I gotta do
Just tell me what I gotta do
To stop my face from turning blue
I can bury my head in the ground
Claim immunity
But it won’t stop the shit
From getting to me

Poison! In my mind
Now I cannot think straight

My skin’s on fire
Burn! Burn! Burn!





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