[Updated] Why Don’t The Ruling Class Want Working Class Natives To Know About Replacement Migration?

Just curious.

Removed from YouTube, however forsight means that you can download it from here:
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Home Truths

It is an fact that we as individuals, taking into account our life long accumulation of beliefs, using free will can choose to take a positive or negative view of a situation.

Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

Beliefs and/or experience create the answer.

The view taken of our history that resulted in recent liberal extremist “foot stamping”, anti-white racist violence, and the shaming of those who’s ancestors were deemed responsible for the view taken, who then themselves took the same view, is a negative view, and a destructive view.

Me, I choose the polar opposite view. I choose to focus on the positive.

The great news is that we, individually get to choose which of the views to take.

If you’re feeling angry, or shameful, about white history then that is your right, go for it.

As I hope you understand, I choose not to agree with your point of view. Why would I want to feel like you do, and act the shameful way that you do because of those hurty feelings?

Pure positivity and the basis for a great future.

Military Veteran Dean Cumberpatch On What Really Happened In London On 13/06/2020

If you come across this post Dean, Patriotic Alternative welcome our hero’s and forgotten warriors too. They need your help, and you need theirs if we’re to take our country back.

Dean Cumberpatch started never surrender with his wife claire over 10 years ago as an outreach group in his home town to help homeless veterans who were living on the streets


They Ask “What HAS Become Of The Tolerant Britain We Love?”

The situation has become INTOLERABLE, that’s what!

If you refuse to listen how can you hear?

This is just another symptom of what is the very root of pretty much all of today’s “racial toleration” problems, THE PROLONGED AND CONTINUING MASS IMPORTATION OF FOREIGN LABOUR INTO THE NATIVE BRITONS HOMELAND, the result of which they have idealistically termed “multiculturalism”.

They’ve used the terms “racist” and “racism” (usually in conjunction with Nazi, fascist, bigot etc.) to shame and shut down all opposing views to “multiculturalism”, and to silence anyone daring to speak out about the very serious problems that we all have to suffer because of it (including the immigrants!), and now we have a country full of racists.

Did you see any of the video clips or pictures that I previously posted on the BBC? Was it even reported in the MSM? NO. It was all about the racist natives.

Knuckle duster and a well worn picture of Adolf in his pocket no doubt.

Look at this, Scottish racists, HUNDREDS of them … do you get it yet?

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An Apology To Black Lives Matter

I would like to issue a wholehearted apology for my previous post and, to all of the gentle and oppressed members of the Black Lives Matter group depicted within engaging in peaceful and good humoured demonstrations . I may have unwittingly mislead the reader using British humour, which some people might not understand nor appreciate, into thinking that those native English racist scum were somehow victims of anti-white racist violence by a frenzied mob. I was wrong to give such a unrealistic and wholly false impression.

This tweet has come to light from some very respected and highly important members of authority which shows my previous post in it’s true light. To be honest, I feel a right plonker. Sorry.

Another Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protest In London

I have complied a few memories for Yorkshire Tea just in case they missed the fun day out.

One thing that I did notice which I thought was nice, each participant only kicked or threw a glass bottle ONCE and then immediately and swiftly moved out of the way allowing others to have their go. Very courteous wouldn’t you say?

Ideal hand ware for delivering peaceful blows, prevents chaffing to the knuckles, highly recommended. The fellow to the left should take note!

You need better foot protection my good man. Attired in such flimsy foot ware one could sustain a painful and debilitating toe injury from connecting with such hard rib bones.

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The Shameful Roots Of Virtue Signalling Yorkshire Teas Commercial Success

Virtue signalling for profit? … You’d better be whiter than white!

As the liberal extremist groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa whip up anti-white hatred and white guilt across the globe, a tea brand of all things has decided to jump on the virtue signalling bandwagon by pushing itself into the limelight and promoting itself as an advocate of these extremist agitators.

I wonder if our White Rose of Yorkshire Ms Towler has taken some time to educate herself about Yorkshire Teas (Taylors of Harrogate) appalling history of abuse of Indian people to get to their position of commercial prosperity that they hold today?
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BLM Fuels Young Cork Boy Getting Carved Up And Left For Dead

On your knees Britain for the poor oppressed black people. The young white oppressor’s name is Adam Noonan.

Join da dots fam.

Two days later and these are the only two news outlets that have reported on it:

If only the kneelers knew.

Erberderber nails it.

All observant rational people recognise the GLARINGLY OBVIOUS reason why more black people are arrested and imprisoned than white people.

Liberal Extremism Red Pills Yet More Of Us

It can make you feel like that when the penny drops and you realise that you’re not the mad one.

Welcome. 😎

One more of us means one less of them (,and as the mustachioed communist, British journalist and political activist, currently a Senior Editor at Novara Media, teaches at the Sandberg Institute, terrorist loving (yes really, her greatx4 aunt was a terrorist who killed British people in Bengal, and Ash said that she is proud of her. She was a communist too! … Hmmmm.), TV personality, intellectually superior, beautiful Ms Ash Sarkar would say), … so yes lads … we’re winning. 😉

Carry on ladies.

Next … Lolz.

Washington Post Only Allowing Pro George Floyd Comments On Their YouTube Channel

The death of George Floyd: What video shows about his final minutes:

After watching the above video I had a look at the comments and noticed that they all seemed a little biased. What? EVERYONE has the same opinion? Really?

One comment by username Jamie R seemed a little more constructive but had dismissive replies.

His comment was along the lines of stating that George had committed a crime in using counterfeit money and because of his previous crime he would have gone back to jail.

I felt that his explanation wasn’t detailed enough because the two people replying seemed confused, with one asking “So?”, and the other words to the effect of “Why is that a problem?”.

So I thought it my duty to expand on Jamie R’s comment, … and did so.
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Communist Antifa Take A Mocking Blow

The Communist revolution attracts another fine figure of a … well, … what ever that is. Yeah go on lads, mock the feebly afflicted. Love it. 😎

[UPDATED] George Floyd, He Can’t Breathe …

Added lots of video evidence to main body of post. I would advise that you see https://t.me/JackDawkins for a snapshot of what is really going on.

London’s “peaceful protest” yesterday, and true to form not a peep from the BBC even though Downing Street was attacked:



Today young WHITE people clean spray painted monument and get abuse. Also the anti-white racist nature of the supporters of BLM.

https://t.me/JackDawkins/6478 https://t.me/JackDawkins/6480

Going by the despicable behaviour that seems to be the norm nowadays I fully expect this video to be taken down. Rather than deal with the horrific problem depicted, the liberal extremists would rather re-frame this, and so ignore and hide the problem by labelling the motivation for the creation of this video in a negative way.

I would aggressively suggest that the sole motivation here is to highlight the double standards held by the virtue signalling people in our country. Specifically but not exclusively I accuse the Government, politicians, MSM, and “entertainment” industries. They are the ones that influence the opinions of the unaware and uneducated, and they are the ones infested with people who demand that we take on their extreme liberal ideology. They are the ones that publicly shame those that refuse to.

What sort of a person deserves our outrage because of a crime committed against him? For the amount of publicity he is getting his good character must be on par with every single saint known to man right?
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Click here to view larger image.

Leaving aside the same political correctness that continues to allow underage white girls to be pimped out, raped and violently abused by Islamic paedophiles, it would seem that official figures reveal and resoundingly confirm that the ill and infirm women and girls of our communities are very lucky to be treated and cared for by ethnically white doctors and nurses. Whodathunkit.

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[Updated] Simon Harris 1960-2020 – Community Tributes

Tributes from the Nationalist community for Simon Harris who passed away on Thursday 21 May 2020 in Catalonia after contracting the Corona virus. RIP Simon.

Join together for Simon Harris

European Freedom – A Tribute to Simon Harris

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