Mortgages – The Common Man Fights Back

I came across three interesting posts/articles in the past couple of weeks that I think everyone should be aware of, … especially if you’re faced with the dilemma of paying the mortgage or feeding your family.

Mortgages 1:
Here’s the simple (temporary) solution to keeping your home if the choice between keeping it and feeding your family becomes apparent.

I would imagine the same applies to ANY contract based debt!!

Official Offer

Offer to (bank) by (person) to now operate on account 123456 €?0.00 effected monthly as satisfaction on all account demands/obligations.

(Signed By:Person)

Rear of paper …. written at an angle across the page OFFICIAL OFFER

Attach Cheque made payable to (BANK)
If you get no response then the offer has been accepted … so the cheques keep going in to effect performance on the contract.

If a response comes … Look at it very carefully ! ! ! … This is where they may try to shift the attention away from the offer …. in an attempt to get their offer in place … If responded to carefully this cannot happen …

Go check the 7 elements of contract .. pay particular attention to acceptance ….
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The Census – Danny Asks – New Video

Have added Dannys latest telephone conversation with Matt to the original post.

Matt does not agree with our right to not doing something at our own expense. Surely then there is a legal authority proving his belief? Or maybe statute can be made up on the spot?

There is a long pause when asked if the “implied right of access” to your property is removed and …!

EDIT: I wrote this in reply to a comment but will add it here so that it isn’t missed:

For anyone unfamiliar with “implied right of access”, I understand it as this:- your home and surrounding land is your PRIVATE PROPERTY and anyone wanting to enter your private property needs your consent to do so. No consent equates to trespass. In order for mail, milk, parcels etc to be delivered and for tradesmen, friends and family to visit you at your home, for CONVENIENCE there is an IMPLIED right of access, otherwise everyone would need special permission.

You could if you wish create a notice granting access to everyone except – and then list of those to whom access is denied; religious canvassers, voter registration canvassers, sales people, utility canvassers etc.

I don’t know of any specific laws or judgements regarding implied right of access (EDIT: Armstrong v. Sheppard and Short Ltd [1959] 2 Q.B. per Lord Evershed M.R.), if anyone reading does I would be very grateful if you would let me know. Also, what is the process for bringing a prosecution for trespass? Do YOU set the amount required for damages?

Census – An Acceptence to Contract

I received a visit yesterday from a canvasser regarding the census. I was quite surprised that he knocked considering the notice attached to my door (see below). I was actually asleep when he called, and on being awoken by my better half, all bleary eyed and brain somewhere else, I forgot to video him and caution him. It doesn’t matter anyway, because after being asked “by what authority must I answer your questions at my own expense?” he said he was going to fill his form in as a refusal (which I never did) and this in itself will be written proof that as a representative of the ONS he accepted my offer of contract “by performance” on their behalf. They now have 40 days from yesterday to prove their authority to make demands not specifically legislated against.

Anyway, today I sent the three letters (again see below) to Ms Jil Matherson and I’ll be posting any replies.

Monday 11th April 2011

Dear Ms. Matheson

In December 2008 ( and by the authority enshrined in the Magna Carta (1215) I followed in the footsteps of Lord Ashbourne, The Duke of Rutland, Viscount Massereene & Ferrard (as Lord Oriel) Lord Hamilton of Dalzell ( and entered into Lawful Rebellion. This is a right that everyone is obliged to exercise when the monarch violates her Coronation Oath … and clearly she has.

Clause 61 demands “together with the community of the whole realm, distrain and distress us in all possible ways, namely, by seizing our castles, lands, possessions, and in any other way they can, until redress has been obtained as they see fit…

For the avoidance of doubt as to the validity of the Magna Carta and it’s power to endure over time:

Lord Renton: My Lords, before the noble Earl sits down, perhaps I may mention one point in relation to his fascinating speech. He suggested that we should amend Magna Carta. We cannot do that. Magna Carta was formulated before we ever had a Parliament. All that we can do is to amend that legislation which, in later years when we did have a Parliament, implemented Magna Carta.

Earl Russell: My Lords, the noble Lord is of course correct in relation to present legislation. However, 17th century Parliaments treated Magna Carta, in its 1229 version, as being an Act of Parliament. I spoke loosely and I hope that the noble Lord will forgive me.

Since becoming aware of the declining standards and moral behaviour of our “representatives” and, finding the need to protect both my family and myself from the policies of those people that force unacceptable and unnecessary levels of invasiveness to our private lives, I became a beneficiary of the ICHOR Trust (see which exposes those that cannot prove the authority they claim to possess.

I’m sure that you appreciate my position whereas your census canvasser seemed to not have to capacity to!

At 4.15pm on Sunday 10th April 2011, a census canvasser knocked on my door and commenced to ask a series of questions. As per the notice attached to my door (see attached notice) I asked him “by what authority must I answer his questions at my own expense?”. I was informed that if I didn’t answer his questions he would record a “refusal”. At no time did I refuse to answer his question and any record implying that I did is a wilful lie. As he couldn’t provide proof that I must answer his questions at my own expense and, that he knocked on my door disturbing my peace and, that he read and commented on the notice which is in plain view, he accepted the terms and conditions outlined in the ICHOR Trust contract “by performance” on behalf of ONS. He was also knowingly trespassing on private property.

I am not legally trained though I DO know right from wrong. I do believe that to stay silent on matters such as this only gives justification to those with a mind to, to take advantage of that silence.


Yours sincerely,

The Occupier.

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Rise Up – by thommo

Read more of thommos poems on his site

Rise Up
By thommo

Let’s take back control and regain our power,
as the revolution grows to a beautiful flower.
Throughout our history they’ve been viewed as the beast,
but are they are saviours those of the Middle East?
After a century of suppression they finally have snapped,
and the wave of uprising on our shores has lapped.
Inside we all know this world’s upside down,
as we labour like slaves for the sake of the crown.
We’re acting like sheep and keep following in herds,
the banks lead the way with their fraudulent words.
The government we elect is still controlled by the banks,
who else lends them the money for our aircraft and tanks?
To pay the banks back is an impossible task,
about money creation is the question to ask.
To take back control we must stop this fraud dead,
the best way to do that is to cut off the head.
Re-issue a currency that’s backed by our land,
distributed equally as united we stand.
The business of politics has become so corrupt,
so wind-up this corporation and declare it bankrupt.
Set ourselves free and do it in peace,
the need for more war at that moment would cease.
We don’t need all these rules to guide us through life,
they’re there to enslave us in this tension and strife.
Our people are speaking it’s starting to get loud,
kettle us in and still we’ll stand proud.
If we all started marching at once to the city,
those in control would cower in self pity.
20 million is a third of our power,
with no violence just peace they’d cave in by the hour.
So let’s RISE UP together and show them who’s boss,
Our future is ours so what is our loss?
The Scots once invaded and marched from the north,
it’s that kind of spirit we need to bring forth.
With Facebook and Twitter the message would fly,
how quick would the elite make our internet die?
I dream of the freedom that I feel in my heart,
the reset button pressed so we get a fresh start.
Let’s learn from the mistakes that we made in the past,
and create a future in which our freedoms all last.

Money Out of Thin Air – Another “Official” Source

Financial Services (Regulation of Deposits and Lending) Bill 2010-11

Douglas Carswell describes how BANKS LEGALLY OWN YOUR MONEY ONCE IT’S LEFT IN THEIR CARE and, use it to create money OUT OF THIN AIR!

I didn’t know they ACTUALLY owned it, did you?

Keep up to date with the bill:

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Corrupt Judges Void the (Imaginary Social) Contract

We trade our natural freedoms “IN RETURN” for access to the protection of the law. When that access is denied, then the contract is broken and all bets are off. There is no obligation for one side to fulfil their part when the other refuses to.

Above, I’ve condensed the point of my previous post and this one to it’s essence. There is NO rational argument against it, it would be illogical to try, and to try would mean you were trying it on and not acting rationally.

Buuuutttttt … if you think you have a good one I’d like to hear it.

In my previous post I explained the reason for confirming a judges intention with regard to your having equal access to the Law.

Just to be clear, none of this is my opinion or theory, all is easily verifiable.

This post is a continuation from the last and will explain why it’s important that, for a society to function as it should, judges must act in the prescribed way. One of the results of their failure to act accordingly has been labelled Lawful Rebellion.

The quoted text will refresh your memory as to what the Law is about. I’ll continue where that text leaves off.

The reason for asking a judge for confirmation that he considers himself still bound by his oath of office is to ascertain beforehand, the honesty, fairness and integrity that that stranger “intends” to display during the course of the hearing. Remember, this stranger that holds enough power over you with the potential to disrupt your life and your remove your liberties.

That’s it, plain and simple.

“Am I going to be treated in the prescribed manner by you and, am I getting access to the Law that I’m entitled to by my having given up some natural freedoms?”

To understand why this important you must first understand what you probably haven’t been taught about society and laws and agreements.

In our natural state there are no laws and no rights and as such each and every one of us has the ability to do and act in absolutely any way that we wish. This is all well and good until (taking it to the extreme) some big hairy arse comes along with his mates and does as he wishes and enslaves you or kills you.

So in the past, agreements were made, set in Law and enforced that curb our natural right to do SOME THINGS as we wish. This leaves us to enjoy our individual lives while exercising our remaining unaltered absolute right to live it by doing as we naturally see fit.

I quote William Blackstone … again.

The absolute rights of man, considered as a free agent, endowed with discernment to know good from evil, and with power of choosing those measures which appear to him to be most desirable, are usually summed up in one general appellation, and denominated the natural liberty of mankind. This natural liberty consists properly in a power of acting as one thinks fit, without any restraint or control, unless by the Law of nature: being a right inherent in us by birth, and one of the gifts of God to man at his creation, when he endued him with the faculty of free will. But every man, when he enters into society, gives up a part of his natural liberty, as the price of so valuable a purchase; and, in consideration of receiving the advantages of mutual commerce, obliges himself to conform to those laws, which the community has thought proper to establish. – William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England.

Once these Laws are made it’s the job of the judge listen to and make judgements when there are disputes and allegations of wrong doings. This position as you would expect requires the holder to be of impeccable character and hold the highest moral standards and unshakeable integrity. There can be no lesser qualifications for a position in society of such importance.

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