There Exists Land With YOUR Name On It!

If you were offered a piece of land for free, that you are responsible for, and to do with as you see fit (within reason), would you accept it?


Changing the subject for a minute while you think about it, what does “all human beings are born equal” mean? … and … is it the truth?

All human beings are a product of nature first and foremost. Is this true? I think it seems to be. There is no favouritism in nature. This I think is also true because, if nature decides that a foetus isn’t going to reach full term then it doesn’t, full stop. Meaning, if there is any abnormality during growth that is severe enough, the unborn baby will die before it is born … regardless of who it’s parents are and where on Earth they are!

A baby that is born, whatever its measure of health, is born with no higher natural right to exist than the next baby. Both are EQUALLY entitled to life and both are EQUALLY entitled to exist, just by the very fact that they do exist. There is no distinction between the two. None.

So seeing that nature produces live human beings without favouritism, it then follows that all human beings are born equal in all rights to life and all that life has to offer.

We can shorten this to “all human beings are born equal”.

Tadaaaaa … so it IS true!!

What about the land, do you want some?

Human beings and land ARE inseparable. Land is part of the environment that sustains our life. Without land to exist on, we wouldn’t exist as we do. Because all humans are born equal, no one can rationally argue that they have more right to a larger than equal share of our land can they?

Because land is an integral part of our existence, it is something that we cannot do without. It is as much a part of our existence as our bodies are. That’s how tightly bound we are to it. Our individual right to claim land as part of who and what we are is inalienable, because of the truth of the above. By being a human being born on planet earth, inalienability is thrust upon each and every one of us.

As far as I can work out, this is the reality of our situation. If I’m wrong on any point then please feel free to correct me. It’s important that this argument is totally based on “what is”.

The truth.

So, I finally get to the points of this post.

We each have an inalienable right to an equal share of land and it’s resources, … and NO MORE!

No one can rationally argue that they OWN land, without, relying on the argument of history where (as we know) the initial acquisition and thus ownership was by the use of FORCE.

The results of which we see today.

Individual human beings have at their disposal all the resources with which to prosper that the earth and nature provides. When access to those resources are limited or removed then, the human being has “little or no means with which to support himself and his family”. This defines POVERTY.

The government inform us that poverty is on the increase and that our childrens children will inherit the debts run up by past governments. This can only mean more poverty. Where will it end? When will it end? Will it ever end?

Unless WE initiate the taking back of what is inalienable to us, what is common to us all, what we rely on to exist, OUR LAND, poverty will be the death of us all.

In truth (not law) our land belongs to all of us and is as inalienable to us as our right to life. If you answered yes to the land question and is it your will (as in your will as one of The People) to make it happen with hardly any effort on your part then pop along to THIS WEB SITE, exercise those fingers by clicking vote (you can use up to three of your votes) and then ask others the same question. You might be surprised that no one would refuse.

… or you could just carry on enjoying your poverty, force the rest of us to continue with ours and let the minority continue to enjoy the benefits OUR LAND.


9 thoughts on “There Exists Land With YOUR Name On It!

    • Thank you Ian.

      I’m vaguely aware of the universal community trust and do think it is brilliant that there are people out there (especially Michael) who are finding positive solutions to the problems we suffer today. I do think however, that if some of the “love and light” type language were to be done away with, there would be even more universal appeal … and I mean absolutely no offence by that. 🙂

      • I understand where you are coming from and you certainly haven’t caused offence. What I can say is it’s ‘early days’, their are lots of people working in the background behind the UCT setting the foundations in place. When the time is right, I’m sure, the masses will get involved. Keep a close eye on it, that would be my advice 🙂

  1. It’s bad enough trying to fight for the piece of land called mortgage, confused with freeman approach, I’m thinking the bandits will reposes us because while I’m still struggling to understand the community trust procedure

  2. Nice post, having had the privilage of assisting in many a birth this is bang on the button, we are inseperable from the land, made of the same chemical elements, the same stardust but just a different cosmic recipe.

    From research on the land and what it can provide, it is said that 25ft² is enough space to feed one person for the year, grown aquaponically, not only do you get fresh veggies but fish to eat on occasions, (25ft² not much is it). In the process of putting this to the test by having one in the back garden. (If you haven’t got a garden think about a co-operative) I think the only way to change the world is to change it yourself, by becoming as self sufficient as possible is a great start.

    Ian of Wessex ty for the video link will look into this one.

    • Thanks for your comment DJ TArtist. I agree, 25 square foot doesn’t seem very large at all. So the idea is that the fish fertilise the plants? I’ll have to look into this. I do have an allotment and have been semi successful with it I suppose. Last year was crap with the dull days and all the rain we had … but the slugs had a whale of a time. 😀

      Land, being just a word that points to something tangible that we recognise is, so fundamental to our existence that if all “land” disappeared tomorrow, so would we (obvious I know but I just had to say it 🙂 ). I think it was Alan Watts that said (something along the lines of) we can’t describe ourselves without describing our environment because when we describe say, how we walk, if we didn’t say what we walk on (land … the Earth), we’d just be describing two legs flopping about in the air. Something like that anyway. So yes, it’s as fundamental to our existence as any one of our vital organs.

      That being the case, I think that as there are people out there that are either genuinely ignorant of that fact or, blatantly dismissing it for their own ends, we should agree, in Law, a way to stop those that will from taking more than their fair share and/or damaging it to excess.

      The petition thing is doing exceptionally well, … 21 votes to date!! 😀

      I think we are way ahead of our time DJ. 🙂

  3. Any ideas on saving our local community plot of land from developers? we’re getting desperate now as a government inspector has granted outline permission and our Village Green application failed due to out lack of legal knowledge 😦

    Any help most welcome

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