Census – An Acceptence to Contract

I received a visit yesterday from a canvasser regarding the census. I was quite surprised that he knocked considering the notice attached to my door (see below). I was actually asleep when he called, and on being awoken by my better half, all bleary eyed and brain somewhere else, I forgot to video him and caution him. It doesn’t matter anyway, because after being asked “by what authority must I answer your questions at my own expense?” he said he was going to fill his form in as a refusal (which I never did) and this in itself will be written proof that as a representative of the ONS he accepted my offer of contract “by performance” on their behalf. They now have 40 days from yesterday to prove their authority to make demands not specifically legislated against.

Anyway, today I sent the three letters (again see below) to Ms Jil Matherson and I’ll be posting any replies.

Monday 11th April 2011

Dear Ms. Matheson

In December 2008 (https://thesecretpeople.wordpress.com/lawful-rebellion/) and by the authority enshrined in the Magna Carta (1215) I followed in the footsteps of Lord Ashbourne, The Duke of Rutland, Viscount Massereene & Ferrard (as Lord Oriel) Lord Hamilton of Dalzell (https://thesecretpeople.wordpress.com/lawful-rebellion/lawful-rebellion-the-peers/) and entered into Lawful Rebellion. This is a right that everyone is obliged to exercise when the monarch violates her Coronation Oath … and clearly she has.

Clause 61 demands “together with the community of the whole realm, distrain and distress us in all possible ways, namely, by seizing our castles, lands, possessions, and in any other way they can, until redress has been obtained as they see fit…

For the avoidance of doubt as to the validity of the Magna Carta and it’s power to endure over time:

Lord Renton: My Lords, before the noble Earl sits down, perhaps I may mention one point in relation to his fascinating speech. He suggested that we should amend Magna Carta. We cannot do that. Magna Carta was formulated before we ever had a Parliament. All that we can do is to amend that legislation which, in later years when we did have a Parliament, implemented Magna Carta.

Earl Russell: My Lords, the noble Lord is of course correct in relation to present legislation. However, 17th century Parliaments treated Magna Carta, in its 1229 version, as being an Act of Parliament. I spoke loosely and I hope that the noble Lord will forgive me.


Since becoming aware of the declining standards and moral behaviour of our “representatives” and, finding the need to protect both my family and myself from the policies of those people that force unacceptable and unnecessary levels of invasiveness to our private lives, I became a beneficiary of the ICHOR Trust (see www.ichortrust.co.uk) which exposes those that cannot prove the authority they claim to possess.

I’m sure that you appreciate my position whereas your census canvasser seemed to not have to capacity to!

At 4.15pm on Sunday 10th April 2011, a census canvasser knocked on my door and commenced to ask a series of questions. As per the notice attached to my door (see attached notice) I asked him “by what authority must I answer his questions at my own expense?”. I was informed that if I didn’t answer his questions he would record a “refusal”. At no time did I refuse to answer his question and any record implying that I did is a wilful lie. As he couldn’t provide proof that I must answer his questions at my own expense and, that he knocked on my door disturbing my peace and, that he read and commented on the notice which is in plain view, he accepted the terms and conditions outlined in the ICHOR Trust contract “by performance” on behalf of ONS. He was also knowingly trespassing on private property.

I am not legally trained though I DO know right from wrong. I do believe that to stay silent on matters such as this only gives justification to those with a mind to, to take advantage of that silence.


Yours sincerely,

The Occupier.

The notice pinned to my door reads as follows:


For the Attention of

Agents and Representatives calling on

Census Business

Please be aware and understand that for you, the “implied right of access” to this property has been revoked. This in simple terms means that you are trespassing. If after reading this notice in full you make the decision to disturb the peace of the occupier, you AGREE BY PERFORMANCE and on behalf of your employer, to the contractual terms and conditions as outlined at www.ichortrust.co.uk

For your information:

I invoke my right (it’s your right too!) to not do anything that I’m not legally obliged to AT MY OWN EXPENSE.

The Law of the Land dictates that we are free to do as we see fit so long as no Law dictates otherwise. If the Law dictates otherwise it will be documented as such in government legislation.

The Rule of Law applies.

The authority of Metropolitan Asylum District Managers v Hill makes it quite clear that if my right is in question then it is the “authority” that is burdened with proving this so called fact.

“It is clear that the burden lies on those who seek to establish that the legislature intended to take away the private rights of individuals, to show that by express words, or by necessary implication, such an intention appears.” – Metropolitan Asylum District Managers v. Hill (1881) 6 App.Cas. 193.

Should you make the voluntary decision to disturb the occupiers peace, you do so on the strict understanding that you do so under PACE caution and that you will be videoed and, this video WILL BE USED IN EVIDENCE and also, placed in the public domain. You are forewarned that you will be asked one question “by what authority must I answer your questions at my own expense”. You MUST show the EXPRESSLY WORDED authority on which you rely. Anything else will be considered proof that no such authority exists and that you are guilty of fraud and and are acting by deception of authority. Without proven express authority none of your questions will be answered.

If you do not have the correct authority at hand, it would be unwise to enter into this contractual agreement.


The occupier.

My notice to Ms Jil Matheson requesting verifiable confirmation of her authority to require me to fill in her census form at my own expense:

Monday 11th April 2011

Dear Ms. Matheson



In consideration of the terms and conditions outlined in the contract overleaf:

Please provide verifiable evidence proving the existence of a statutory requirement stating EXPRESSLY (Metropolitan Asylum District Managers v. Hill (1881)) that, a private man in his private time is legally obliged to open unrequested and unsolicited mail delivered to his home AT HIS OWN EXPENSE.

I believe there is no legal obligation for anyone to open unsolicited mail at their own expense and so, my fee for doing something I’m not legally obliged to will be due should you return YOUR correspondence to this address without proving that a statutory authority exists. Obviously, should you be able to provide verifiable statutory authorities EXPRESSLY stating that I am obliged to open unsolicited mail AT MY OWN EXPENSE then, I will open it AT MY OWN EXPENSE.

However, please be aware that you may still be bound by the terms and conditions should you fail to provide verifiable EXPRESSLY STATED evidence proving that I am obliged TO REPLY to your correspondence AT MY OWN EXPENSE.

Also, as personal information once collected by ONS becomes “Crown Property”, logic dictates that it is my “personal property” before being handed over, therefore if I am to hand over my valuable personal property I would like verifiable proof of your authority to demand that I give up my personal private property free of charge.


Until further notice, the implied right of access to the home addressed above is forthwith REVOKED for all agents, representatives and authorities pertaining to the Census. Any of the aforementioned visitors to this home do so on the strict understanding that they are liable, by performance, to the terms and conditions outlined overleaf. Please update your records.

Your sincerely,

The Occupier




(Infinite Covenant for Human rights, Obligations and Reparation.)


1. My MINIMUM fee for doing or suffering anything I am not legally obliged to do or suffer at my own expense is until further written notice and with immediate effect £900,000,000,000,000,000.00p (nine hundred thousand million million pounds sterling ) plus expenses plus compound interest on the whole amount due at the rate of 2% per full calendar month without prejudice to my right to sue for debt at any time without further notice and or in the alternative without prejudice to my right to sue for damages at any time without further notice and or in the alternative without prejudice to my right to exercise recaption at any time without further notice.

2. PAYMENT of the whole amount due must be into the Woolwich plc account of ICHOR Sort Code 10 – 80 – 04 Account Number 79372187. The whole amount due must be paid before noon on the fortieth (40th) day after your receipt of this offer counting the day you receive this offer unless another method of payment is agreed in writing between the offeree and the trustee of the ICHOR Trust.

3. TO ACCEPT THIS OFFER IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM INCLUDING BY PERFORMANCE OF CONDUCT WITHOUT NEED OF FURTHER NOTIFICATION IS TO AGREE THAT (A) You have licensed anything and or in the alternative any person natural or corporate and or in the alternative any state of being or personality not yet discovered, even if not yet in existence, to help and assist in any way shape or form each and every offeror authorised to be an ICHOR Business Angel from now on referred to as an Angel to use whatever means are available in order for each and every Angel to remain safe and secure in the pursuit of the truth as due under this offer and or in the alternative to enter any property in your possession in order to assist recaption of any property belonging to the ICHOR Trust. (B) Any none payment of debts due when due instantly transfers title of property, goods and services and or in the alternative control of property, goods and services of the offeree up to the value of debts due by that particular offeree to the ICHOR Trust. (C) Each and every Angel taking action to assist recovery of property belonging to the ICHOR Trust is entitled to charge the minimum fee stated at paragraph 1 above and each and every Angel has an equal right to the benefits of all property vested in the ICHOR Trust. (D) Any attempt to refuse to accept this offer and or in the alternative any attempt to refuse to accede to this offer is an attempted theft because it is impossible for you to CONTINUE to have an honest belief in your authority to make such an attempt now that you know the only way to avoid accepting and or in the alternative acceding to this offer is to admit you have no IMPERATIVE words in a primary statute and or in the alternative a treaty and or in the alternative any other previous agreement which when given a strict and literal reading entitles you to claim and or in the alternative obliges you to CONTINUE to appropriate the property in question unless you show me those authorities before noon on the fortieth (40th) day after your receipt of this offer counting the day you receive this offer because you now know that is the only way you can CONTINUE to have an honest belief in your authority to appropriate the property in question. (E) The descendants of any Angel whose property is not vested in the ICHOR Trust within time after acceptance of this offer have an irrevocable right to pursue debts due to the ICHOR Trust according to this offer. (F) In plain English, you now know my terms and conditions of business and the terms and conditions of business of each and every Angel for doing or suffering anything irrespective of whatever that doing or suffering may be on each and every separate occasion that you perform an act and or in the alternative omission sufficient to form a contract and you know that the Trustee of the ICHOR Trust is only an Angel with Trustee status. (G) If you had any you have now waived all absolute and qualified privileges and immunities and I may choose the law governing the contract formed by your acceptance of this offer. (H) Trusteeship of the ICHOR Trust belongs to the founder trustee until inherited by the next of kin Angel of the founder Trustee under the obligatory condition that each and every Trustee must continue to approve the exercise of recaption and enforcement of each and every debt due irrespective of irrelevant considerations such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or any other status of the offeree. (I) If you wish to claim you were misled into accepting this offer you must do all within your ability to convince each and every Angel that you were misled into accepting this offer. (J) Any attempt to prevent an Angel with two witnesses from pursuing evidence of any debt due to the ICHOR Trust shall be met with the appropriate necessary and unavoidable force required to pursue debts due. (K) This offer is a gateway to Angel status because if you are refused Angel status your goods and services and the goods and services of those with whom you associate must be ignored by each and every Angel because no Angel whatsoever may knowingly associate with nor buy the goods and services of known deceivers and those referred to in Revelation 22:15 as without. (L) You will comply with Malachi, 4:3. (M) The passages we refer to in the Holy Bible are those referred to in the King James version. (N) That pursuing all rights to the highest and most powerful authority in existence is in the interests of promoting the psychological and physical welfare of all beings and all their Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. (I will come near to you to judgement; I will be a swift witness… Malachi, 3:5), (it shall leave them neither root nor branch. Malachi, 4:1.), (And ye shall know the truth, the truth shall make you free. St. John 8:32.), (Great is truth and mighty above all things. Apocrypha 1 Esdras 4:41.), [Satyam (truthfulness). Bagavad-gïtä.] (Buddhism leads to enlightenment.), (The Accessions. These are the believers in truth; they shall have from their lord exalted grades and forgiveness and an honourable sustenance. The Holy Quran [8.4].) The founder of the ICHOR TRUST has seen technology radiating the colours of the rainbow, that enables the two swift witnesses to determine between victims and deceivers by joining different dimensions of infinity. (O) Each and every offeree and those for whom that offeree is liable may be given a state of the art lie and deception test without further notice or warning and the offeree is duty bound to notify those affected of this fact as a duty of care. (P) Deceiving subversives, amongst others, lost status and wealth and power exposed by this the Covenant preparing the way for ending time and judgement day with the almighty unarguable truth that fraud unravels everything. (Q) Everything fraudulent in reality is already unravelled assisted by the messenger of this Covenant saying “COME” to the Faithful and True we have unravelled the devils work for Angels to simply take back what is theirs without wasting time and or in the alternative wasting money and or in the alternative wasting energy seeking a favourable Court Order to do so. (R) If you think your property has been appropriated contrary to law you can go to Court and waste your time and or in the alternative your money and or in the alternative your energy but you will not waste what belongs to Angels.

4. TO AVOID ACCEPTING THIS OFFER BY PERFORMANCE simply comply, without let or hindrance, with all rights, duties and obligations owed to the offeror before noon on the fortieth (40th) day after your receipt of this offer counting the day you receive this offer.

5. TAKE NOTICE. If you fail to make payment when due the offeror reserves the right to issue a summons, claim, other process for debt and or in the alternative damages, as well as the right to exercise recaption without first obtaining a Court order to do so, without a letter before action and costs will be as between solicitor (lawyer) and client. END OF OFFER.


14 thoughts on “Census – An Acceptence to Contract

    • I thought I was in for a bollocking when I saw your name, I didn’t quite know how to phrase part of one of my letters so I “borrowed” a line or two from yours … hope you don’t mind. 🙂

      I think if anyone’s well equipped for court it’s you.

      I nearly forgot about this. If anyone’s wondering what happened to the form, it was sent back:


      The “Occupier” believes he/she is under no legal obligation to open unsolicited junk mail AT HIS/HER OWN EXPENSE.

      Further unsolicited wilful intrusions either by post or in person will, by performance, bind your organisation to the voluntary terms and conditions set out in the unilateral contract found at http://www.ichortrust.co.uk

      IMPORTANT: The “implied right of access” to this home has been revoked for ALL agents and representatives acting on behalf of your organisation. Failure to comply AUTOMATICALY subjects your organisation to the T&C’s as set out in the ICHOR Trust Covenant of which I am a beneficiary.


      I think I’ll start using something similar to this for other junk mail too.

  1. A bollocking, Slim?

    Never think it. I am unbelievably grateful that your site exists, and the hard work you put in here and on other sites in your efforts to wake people up.

    What’s mine is yours. You help yourself to anything from my place any time you want.

    You more than pay me back by educating me, and others.

    I’m going to start adding that Ichor Trust offer with all my Notices in future. I looked into it a while back but never added it.

    If you are happy with it, then so am I.


  2. Got the first visit today reminding me I should fill it in. But I was out at the time.
    The best thing was that the drone then asked if my wife knew where [house name] was – so our neighbour hasn’t done his either 🙂

  3. Excellent, I like Ranty looked at the ICHOR trust stuff months ago and did not take it up, I realise my mistake now and that shall be corrected!
    Thank you for this posting, it is complete and leaves me with much information and a good direction to follow.
    The only thing missing is a direct link to the ICHOR Trust, but I am not so lazy I cannot find it myself !

    • http://www.ichortrust.co.uk/ 😉

      I was reading your blog and I see that you too had a canvasser prepared to LIE by recording a refusal. I assume that’s the training kicking in!

      Keep your chin up and remember, life is the universe experiencing itself. As the bad runs out of control, to bring balance it creates the good.

      Be good, be honest, and bring balance. 🙂

    • I look at it this way, I didn’t sit down one day plan the gut feelings about the bad things I see in the world. Like a REAL belly laugh, they came naturally and WITHOUT any conscious effort on my part. This is what I was alluding to regarding universal balance.

      So long as you know that don’t have an ulterior motive then, YOU ARE RIGHT! 😎

  4. THank you for sharing :o)

    Everything you said was very interesting & wonderful… until:

    QUOTE: The “Occupier” believes he/she is under no legal obligation to open unsolicited junk mail AT HIS/HER OWN EXPENSE.

    Why would you wish to call yourself; The Occupier?

    An Occupier, is someone that has made a ‘declaration of war’, is it not?

    May I suggest a positive term that avoids controversy?

    POSITIVE TERM: Peaceful Inhabitant

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