Rise Up – by thommo

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Rise Up
By thommo

Let’s take back control and regain our power,
as the revolution grows to a beautiful flower.
Throughout our history they’ve been viewed as the beast,
but are they are saviours those of the Middle East?
After a century of suppression they finally have snapped,
and the wave of uprising on our shores has lapped.
Inside we all know this world’s upside down,
as we labour like slaves for the sake of the crown.
We’re acting like sheep and keep following in herds,
the banks lead the way with their fraudulent words.
The government we elect is still controlled by the banks,
who else lends them the money for our aircraft and tanks?
To pay the banks back is an impossible task,
about money creation is the question to ask.
To take back control we must stop this fraud dead,
the best way to do that is to cut off the head.
Re-issue a currency that’s backed by our land,
distributed equally as united we stand.
The business of politics has become so corrupt,
so wind-up this corporation and declare it bankrupt.
Set ourselves free and do it in peace,
the need for more war at that moment would cease.
We don’t need all these rules to guide us through life,
they’re there to enslave us in this tension and strife.
Our people are speaking it’s starting to get loud,
kettle us in and still we’ll stand proud.
If we all started marching at once to the city,
those in control would cower in self pity.
20 million is a third of our power,
with no violence just peace they’d cave in by the hour.
So let’s RISE UP together and show them who’s boss,
Our future is ours so what is our loss?
The Scots once invaded and marched from the north,
it’s that kind of spirit we need to bring forth.
With Facebook and Twitter the message would fly,
how quick would the elite make our internet die?
I dream of the freedom that I feel in my heart,
the reset button pressed so we get a fresh start.
Let’s learn from the mistakes that we made in the past,
and create a future in which our freedoms all last.



5 thoughts on “Rise Up – by thommo

  1. Yep – saw the link on Capt Ranty’s blog. I had seen the poem before and very much liked it. The other co-incidence being the two “Rise Up’s” must have been written around the same time. A good thing I think.

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