The Pressures Of Looking Beautiful … And The Cure!

This is a reply I’ve penned in response to this thread ( ) where feelings and emotions are being discussed. I decided to post here instead for ease of access for myself (and everyone else) to share with others because it morphed into a SURE FIRE way of inoculating yourself from the negative emotional effects of a debilitating MENTAL DISEASE that has a hold on MANY innocent VICTIMS. (Eh??? … you’ll see!)

It has been said that sometimes, emotions can be a pain in the arse (my words!) meaning that they have an unwanted negative effect. I am pointing out that if you change your perspective then this will change the emotional response you get. The situation won’t have changed but your emotions will.

So here goes …

If someone says something is emotionally upsetting to you, the reason for your being upset is the unique meaning (based on your personal beliefs) that you put to what you’ve heard.

To change an UNWANTED negative emotional response to a more positive one, the way that you think about it has to change. You can look at the cause of the negative emotional response from a different perspective and have it change to a positive response (remember that different thoughts carry with them different emotions). Its something that we do ALL of the time without thinking about the fact that we’re doing it, let alone looking at the mechanics of it. Looking from another perspective and GENUINELY (not forced) associating with that perspective MORE than the original is called changing your beliefs, or changing your mind. A lot of people don’t seem to realise that they have the power to do this wilfully and so tend to suffer unnecessarily!

For example, nowadays in the western world (and creeping east at a rate of knots … eg. Thai girls having surgery on their eyes to make them look more like westerners FFS!!), how a lady looks has been given GREAT importance (and NOW they’re trying to INFECT men with this MENTAL DISEASE too!! … man creams, guy liner and scrubs urgh! Face lifts, false pecks, back sack and crack … gag puke!!!). The root cause of this mental DISEASE is solely businesses pushing their products, be it so called “beauty” products or “fashion” products and other derivatives. There is NO other reason, its business/profit. That’s the bottom line.

Do the VICTIMS of this DISEASE understand that they’re VICTIMS? No! They’re CONVINCED that their SYMPTOMS are normal. Why if you have a disease do you not recognise the fact? Well, those KNOWINGLY INFLICTING this disease on the population play down this disease by installing a FALSE SENSE OF PERFECTION and play on the fact that people like to “belong to the group”. This is applied through media advertising (regulated by government legislation) using HEAVILY INFECTED victims. These victims infect others, not by using their own words, but using the words of the advertisers (pushers?) who are PAID HUGE SUMS to pass on the disease by the suppliers.

The first victims to be infected have VERY WEAK immune systems. These victims group together for safety and in doing so the disease intensifies and mutates, destroying all rational thought (“paying £2000 for this cream will make me look younger”) and inducing paranoia (“does my bum look big in this?”). In some cases the loss of rational thought and paranoia is so severe that the victim loses all sense of reality (“if I don’t look perfect EVERYONE will hate me”).

Once this disease has a hold on the victim it is, without the antidote, very hard to cure. The diseased finally enter into denial and come up with the most outlandish reasons as to why their behaviour is normal, the lesser of which is “well, EVERYONE wears a bit of lippy”.

Of course, if EVERYONE does it then it MUST be normal, right?

This is also how the disease is passed on to those with stronger immune systems. The immune system is slowly worn down until until finally the disease takes a firm hold.

I mentioned the antidote previously. Well the antidote is also an inoculation shot and, is a pretty simple compound comprising “perception” and “common sense”. Be warned though, it gets into the system quicker as an inoculation than as an antidote. This is due to the main characteristic of the disease which removes virtually all sense of logic and common sense.

The diseased HAVE to be perceived as ACTUALLY HAVING A MENTAL DISEASE. Common sense tells you that if you read all of the above text and you agree that you recognise it as BASICALLY true and that no one in their right mind would say the things the diseased say and actually believe it as ACTUAL FACT, then, the diseased really do have a mental disease and should be treated in the same way as people with other types of mental disease are treated when you have contact with them. Most human beings automatically produce feelings of compassion and understanding toward the mentally diseased because, their mental processing produces output that doesn’t follow any logical FACT and they REALLY don’t know that they’re ill. We feel sorry for them.

Any pressure applied toward those having taken the inoculation by the diseased to convince to join in THEIR REALITY will now produce completely different thoughts and therefore, a completely different emotional response … how can it not!

Having taken this shot myself and noticed the effects on my own emotional responses to the diseased minds around me and in the media, I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, it is 100% successful!!!

You the reader, being diseased or not, and having just taken the shot yourself (yes, I know it was very sneaky of me), will now notice a completely different emotional response in yourself when the diseased comment on how you SHOULD look and when they bitch about how others look. The realisation will come that they’re not in control of what they’re saying because THEY REALLY ARE MENTALLY ILL.

How can the diseased bring about emotionally upsetting reactions in you now? THEY CAN’T!

You are now fully protected, free from disease and free from unwanted negative emotional pressure.


I am now awaiting my Nobel Prise for services to humanity!

Remember: You take the skin off of an orange to get to the juicy fruity goodness within!

Thanks to the lovely Kelly for starting the thread that helped me to write out the prescription.

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