Unjustly Gaoled

Updated – 12/05/2010

Dave was released after it was revealed that he was being held “illegally” … and they still managed to keep him in one more night … hmmm …

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Please sign this petition calling for the release from gaol of Dave Carroll.


I visited Dave a few days before his arrest and can confidently say that DAVE IS IN NO FIT STATE TO BE A (PHYSICAL) DANGER TO ANYONE, let alone some fit burly (so called) police officer.

If you don’t usually sign petitions, please make an exception and do so in this case.


Background (Preamble):

Having been diagnosed with lung cancer, told he needs to have one lung completely removed, and prescribed medication which, amongst other things, cause the side-effects of ‘rage and anger’, Dave Carroll was arrested for threats to kill (read the full story http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?v=info&gid=109295249095528 ).Dave is now being held on remand at HMP Nottingham. His cancer treatment has been delayed by over two weeks to date as the prison service saw fit to re-arrange all of his hospital appointments, on the grounds that he (and his one functioning lung) is a flight risk. He was also denied a ventolin inhaler for several days, when the prison service failed to pass on his medical records when he was transferred between prisons.

This petition is to demand that Dave Carroll be released from jail on health grounds so that he can take charge of his own treatment. His health is deteriorating rapidly as he literally rots in prison.


We the undersigned call on the Secretary of Justice, Jack Straw, to intervene in the case of Dave Carroll and grant his release on health grounds, so that his treatment for lung cancer can be conducted according to his physical needs, and no longer hindered by the prison service.We find it wholly unacceptable that his treatment has been subject to the delays it has.

Dave Carroll’s human rights must be a priority in this case and must not be overlooked any further!


One thought on “Unjustly Gaoled

  1. This proves to anyone who doubts it that we live in a brutal opressive police state. Not far off the standards of soviet Russian police, but they had more practice.

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