Everything Is OK … Again!

Humanity’s Police:

Humanity’s Expression:

Charlie Veitch’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cveitch?view=videos


3 thoughts on “Everything Is OK … Again!

  1. Fantastic presentations! Just what the human race needs to get real.

    This is all getting bigger and lots of us are succeeding and becoming victorious. You are encouraging people to wake up, and design their own law, and to live alongside others with a clean slate, free from corruption, suspicion, and nasty consequences.

    I feel the day is coming fast when so many truths and details of this very real war come to light. The war is on truth, and the ammo is lies.

    I’m currently working on perfecting my conversational manner with the Peace Force. Any dealings I have with them, (and there may be one coming up soon in relation to some common bona fida fiction) I intend to encourage them to remember that they too are human, and are capable of intelligent, independent thought. I hope too, to drop a few truths in about the futility of a society based on the application of statutes on rea,l flesh and blood, hbeings.

    I’d love to know of a group, or maybe start one, that can provide opportunities for other humanbs to practice the art of “having stress-free dealings with the Peace Keepers, even when they think they want to arest you (ie how to stay outa jail when it looks like they’re stacking the cards against you) ). Drama/role-play really works for alot of us. I’d like to get a real PK in to play his everyday role- it would make it more real, and may make them think for a change. I reckon they’d accept an invite, it fits in with ‘serving the community’. I’ve laminated a few bits of info that may help people to feel more assertive in the face of what can generally be thought of as a bad situation.

    Where abouts are you? I saw your link on the tpuc website!

    Really great stuff, very spirited of you


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