Notice of Lawful Rebellion – Withholding of Funds


Dear Sir,

Please be advised that I have voluntarily entered into Lawful Rebellion (see ) until such time as the will of the people of our nation is UNCONDITIONALLY represented by a government guided by ethics.

I cannot in all conscience continue to support such a corrupt, tyrannical, controlling, spying, invasive, hypocritical government that, puts the interests of big business, commerce and greed ahead of the will and welfare of the people of our nation, who by their own labour pay dearly to keep the corruption going.

It is my intention to hinder, within the law, and at every level, any government activity which is not in the very best interest of, or as far as reasonably possible, by the will of the people it purports to represent. I hold the very firm belief that every single individual has the inalienable right to protest in any peaceful way necessary according to the law, to remind the “authority” of its role and duties toward those that give it existence.

The most peaceful way to voice objections that will very much guarantee that we as a nation will be heard, is to withhold all funding and payments to governing “authorities” and their associates until remedy is forthcoming (which means that legitimate monies will be put aside until the corrupt are removed).

My protest includes your department as you are part of the governing “authority” or associate.

As I have stated, all funds demanded of me will be held by myself until remedy is forthcoming.

I accept that in retaliation for my part in this voicing of objection I may ultimately have my liberties taken away from me and be imprisoned, such is the nature of the current “representative”. I too am fully aware that it is a very small price to pay on my part and believe with a passion that what I do, I do for the good of the whole nation and future generations – It is the RIGHT thing to do.

I also realise that this puts you the reader in an awkward position if agree with my stance. I ask that you do everything within your power to support this protest as obviously, you too are affected by it.

However, I understand and respect that you may hold your position in higher regard than the welfare of the rest of the nation and hold no grudges against you. It matters not. What I do, I do for you and your family too.

Yours respectfully,

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