About Page – Update

Updated “About” page with a brand new “contact form” (well, you never know!) … and … some topical information. 😀


One thought on “About Page – Update

  1. Hiya Keith,

    Please forgive the intrusion, but I was wondering if you’d be at all interested in a campaign a few of us have started to ‘Bring Back Whack’. It’s about the reclaiming of our native Scouse dialect and, as such, is close to many of our hearts.
    First of all I was hoping you’d be interest in one of our ‘Bring Back Whack’ t-shirts. We’re selling them for 15 quid a pop, and investing the funds we raise into a wider campaign aimed at having Scouse recognised as a distinct language, thereby giving Scousers ethnic rights.
    As with all such campaigns we’re starting simple.. hense the ‘Bring Back Whack’ slogan and t-shirts.
    We were also wondering if you could promote the campaign on your website?

    Let me know what you think.

    Peace n Love,
    Kazz. xx

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