Everything Is OK

You know when you JUST KNOW that something is good and for the  right reasons …

More … http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=cveitch&view=videos 8)   8)


2 thoughts on “Everything Is OK

  1. If it’s legal for politicians do drive around yawping for you to vote for them, and icecream vans to wake you up when you are on nightshift … then there cannot be a problem, providing that you do not use language in breech of a public order section 5 offence. – common sense.

    Brilliantly entertaining … I think I’d do that sometime !

  2. The Police on the beat do not know the law of the land, and what the heck has securicore got to do with it, a private company. The new paradigm “Rule by corporations” we are on the slippery slope to corporate fascism, it maybe here now.

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