Library of English Law and History Books

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6 thoughts on “Library of English Law and History Books

  1. Jeez, almost worth buying a rapidshare pass… but not quite – I’ll be downloading for a year on the freebie option !

    Nice work.


  2. What a brilliant collection – I don’t care who you are, this will enlighten you !!

    You have to admire Macswin for the amount of time selectively searching, collating, sorting and publishing (Slimline66), this rare and extensive list.

    Well done both, illumination here for sure !


    • Yep, feel free Dave.

      Actually I feel a bit ignorant at having not been over there for a while considering that I was invited to join. I tend to get wrapped up in my own projects and interests and before I know it, its early morning … – sorry!

  3. You know, I’ve been giving a lot of thought about how to describe what a person is to a classically educated friend, who I met through the TUPC forum, from the point of view I have as an empirically educated engineer, (having bad shit with the justice system’s bias).

    I regard what this man is trying to do is a bit of class construction work to benefit other persons with more easily accessable kowledge and factual information, particularly regarding the LAW and the CONSTITUTION of this country.
    So I am availing this man all of the skills I have in order to achieve this. One other good friend I have met through this community forum is slimline66, who was the only one on this forum who had the common Englishman’s dignity to acknowledge the man’s generous donation and in fact started a thread in appreciation. The slimline person is an honourable Englishman. I came across this man has responded to my
    query about the magna carta more correctly and consisely than any of 3 barriters and enquiries to the Dept. of Justice, house of lords … had done in weeks – the man did this virtually overnight.

    So ….. Nice one Big ‘G’

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