Birth Certificates

Some people (in certain circles) seem a little confused as to what the creation of a birth certificate entails and subsequent reproduction of (certified) copies.

When your parents registered your birth at the registry office, all details were entered into a book (called a REGISTRY) and your parents were issued a CERTIFIED CERTIFICATE (on BOND PAPER??? … on watermarked GRO paper at least!) containing the details that were entered into that registry. The registry is kept in a box.

People generally don’t understand that THEY HAVE THE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE!

Every 3 months the Registrar goes through the registry and writes out another certificate for each entry and sends the copies (and any full boxes of registries) to the SUPERINTENDENT REGISTRAR who does what he does with them and then stores them for 3 months. The full boxes of registries are permanently stored.

On the 3rd month, the Superintendent Registrar pops the certificates off to the REGISTRAR GENERAL who does what he does with them and then stores them.

When you order a copy of your certificate the Registrar makes a CERTIFIED COPY for you.

BTW – The Registrar General just happens to be subservient to the “Minister”…

… who, is defined in the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953 as …

… The Chancellor of the Exchequer 😉


5 thoughts on “Birth Certificates

  1. Some good information is popping up on youtube. Check these out..

    Oh, this deals with the US, but I think you’ll find it interesting..

    and again..


  2. I have just found out that here in the U.S. our Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Secretary of the Treasury have to expatriate themselves inorder to take their post, because they serve the creditors of the nation and not the nation or people of the nation. I was wondering if you have similar posts in the UK?? Which government posts expatriate to serve the creditors and not the nation??

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