How to rip audio from videos to play on your mp3 player or phone

I watch a few videos on the internet (some more that once in some cases) and sometimes I don’t actually need to SEE the video but just HEAR what is being said, so it makes sense that you don’t need to be tied to your computer to hear the content of videos.

This is how I get the audio from an internet video on to my computer.

First I get the address of the video.

I will use google video as the example but YouTube and the rest are very similar. A typical URL looks like this:

Next I need to download the video to my computer. There are a few sites that will do this for you and the one I use is:

When you have opened the keepvid page you will see at the top there is an edit field where you type or paste (there is less chance of making a mistake if you copy and paste) the URL of your video. There is a DOWNLOAD button at the side of the edit field which is very misleading. Clicking it doesn’t download the video but instead fetches a list of “video quality” links to the video files on their server.

The quality of video is as follows:

  • Lowest = .flv
  • Medium = .mp4
  • High = .avi

Sometimes there is only one version and usually its the lowest quality video (which is lucky for us because thats the one we need to download), sometimes two and sometimes three.

As just mentioned, we need to choose the link with the .flv extension and click it.

Your browsers “save” dialogue should appear so choose to save the file to your computer.

All being well the video file will download and if you have the right software can watch it in your PC … but thats not why we downloaded it.

Next we extract the audio, you will need to download a little program called FLVExtract to do this.

Extract the files from to a new folder and run FLVExtract.exe. FLVExtract does not need to be installed and is run straight from the folder.

You will see a little GUI with three options for extracting video, timecodes and audio. Uncheck all except the audio check box.

Now drag your video onto the FLVExtract GUI and wait a few seconds until FLVExtract tells you its done. The mp3 will be saved in the same folder an the video.

Thats it!

You now have a lovely mp3 of the video you just downloaded waiting to be copied to your mp3 player/phone.

So to recap:

  • Get url of video
  • Download video to PC via
  • Extract using FLVExtract
  • Copy mp3 to player/phone

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