The Brehon Law [Updated 06/02/2009]

Similar to the English Common Law, but whereas the Common Law is FOR the people the ancient Irish Brehon Law is OF the people. The people play a large part in forming the laws and in the administering of justice. Brehon Law is a compensation based system where the victim is compensated by the wrong-doer for his loss. English Common Law on the other hand punishes the criminal, it is a penal system. Penal sounds like penis, it may be a fact that the Common Law system is also “a load of old cock”?

Whereas in Common Law, if a person steals your car and are caught, they would be found guilty of the crime and either fined or imprisoned, therefore paying their debt to “society”.

But what about paying their debt to the victim?

If I bump into someone knocking them to the ground, under the system of Common Law I would be expected to apologise the the passers by rather than the person on the ground!

Under Brehon Law I would help the victim up, apologise and pay for any damages (if damage was done). The victim and I would work out a fair compensation that BOTH are happy with.

Under common law the victim is NOT sufficiently considered (if at all). It is assumed that the victim’s insurance will cover the cost of any damages … but does it always? What about the all the other losses and inconvenience associated with the crime. Is the victim compensated fairly in every case?

Under Brehon Law justice is fairer, more natural or organic and makes heavy use of common sense, which as we all know, is seriously lacking all across the globe …

As a point of interest, before Brehon Law was wiped out there was no police force or jails!

Brehon Law – by spoonogsback:

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Irish History – Brehon Law

Irish history with Pat Flannery. This was filmed 06/04/07. A very interesting talk on the system of law that was native to Ireland and existed all the way up to the 1600’s when the Gaelic nobility was finally overthrown by English forces.

Irish History – Brehon Law – Part 1 of 11:

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2 thoughts on “The Brehon Law [Updated 06/02/2009]

    • I agree the concepts are interesting. All that I have read on other researchers interpretations makes me think that if we adopt the basic concepts of Brehon Law then maybe mankind will be in a better position to create harmony between ourselves and our environment. I have good feelings about this.

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