An Honest Reply To A Lord

I came across a blog the other day and was surprised that the blogger didn’t know why the general public didn’t take an active interest in Parliament! Maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised … but I was.

I didn’t think my reply would fit in the comment box so I sent Lord Norton (the blogger) an email:

Monday 5 January 2009

Lord Norton of Louth
House of Lords

Dear Lord Norton of Louth,

I write in regard to your blog entry:

You ask the question “how concerned should we be that the public take a limited interest in what Parliament does?”

As a “typical” member of the public, I can say with some authority that the common man does not take an interest because in Parliament because of a number of reasons but primarily because Parliament does not appear to have the best interests as defined by the common man at heart … and it shows!

When a man choses to make a career out of politics and draw a wage he does so firstly for his own good and betterment and not the good and betterment of the public and country, therefore there seems to be a conflict of interests at the very basic level.

Our MPs and government on the whole give the impression of being like small children with no self control and, like our children today, do what the hell they like with no accountability.

Responsible parents teach their children not to lie, “lying is bad” we tell them. Yet how many times in a week do we get to hear of the great lies of our politicians?

Responsible parents teach their children not to cheat and steal, again we tell them “you’ll go to prison when you’re older if you steal”. Do our politicians follow this good advice?

My eight year old son was reprimanded quite severely at school for laughing (quietly he assured me) in assembly when a friend made a funny remark. Have you seen how those so called men conduct themselves on the BBC’s Parliament program? Televised for the whole country to see and not a single decent role model to be found from our great leaders.

It’s disgraceful!

… and they represent US?

The feeling of helplessness is so severe that I have finally had enough and drafted a letter which I have (so far only) sent to the Queen and Prime Minister:


Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the people of England, that never have spoken yet.

Enough is ENOUGH.

I write informing you, your subordinates and superiors on this day Monday 22nd December 2008, that I, Keith ******* of ** ******* *********, with true lawful excuse do declare myself in active LAWFUL REBELLION.

It has become painfully obvious that the governors of my country have only the best interest of themselves and their associates at heart. The current system used to govern is a “representative” one where the “peoples will” is to be represented, NOT the personal interests of the politicians, their allies and cronies. The common mans life is of little or no importance to our leaders at the present time and as such,
the common man is treated like modern day slaves and easy access cash machines.

Common sense and a loyalty to my fellow countrymen dictate that I cannot and will not idly stand by while such treachery is afoot and my country is ripped apart by the ever increasing oppressive regime of
rules and regulations, political correctness, social experiments, social engineering, spying, snooping, poisoning of food and water supplies, fining, media brainwashing, violent crime at home, illegal
terrorism committed in my name abroad, corruption, political and corporate unaccountability, etc, etc, etc, the list is endless, it goes on and on….

Apart from that, I am also fully aware that my government are wilfully committing the unlawful crime of Treason against the people of my country, by giving away without our explicit consent, governance to a
foreign power.


I cannot in all conscience, or by Law, be compelled to be an accomplice to Treason or treachery and as such withdraw any, previously implied or other, consent to be bound by Parliament’s statue based rules and regulations. I choose to be bound ONLY by our great Constitutional and Common Laws from this time forward, until such time as the power of rule returns in full to the natural inhabitants of this once great country of ours.

I therefore discard my shackles of allegiance to our so called leaders and declare myself a Freeman of England.

I inform you now that I, as have many many others, have awoken to the lies and deceptions of our governors, are actively doing EVERYTHING in our power to inform and educate the rest of our fellow countrymen as to your treachery, criminal misdeeds and incompetence both past and present. I also give you prior notice that the mood is not good.

It is now my intention to peacefully, help bring about a fairer way of governance whereby every human being in this country will have the absolute right, if they so wish, to have a say in all important and/or
life changing decision making. In doing so the people of this country will, together, achieve a more desirable way of governance based on ethics, honour, respect and compassion for ALL.

I draw your attention to Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

I seems that at the present time, most people in positions of privilege and influence are ignorant of this most basic principle.

I am sure you realise, that without the cooperation, skill and labour of the common man, you are and have, nothing. No country to govern, no luxurious lifestyle, no protection, NO PURPOSE……. NOTHING!

We are the people of England, that never have spoken yet.

Freeman of England,
Keith *******”

It is a shame that a man is driven to write such a letter out of despair for his country and the lack of moral and ethical fibre of its representatives.

What is recourse is there for keeping the executive in check?


We need good solid incorruptible men to act as our representatives. We have a very good medium in the internet where the common man can take an active part in important decisions affecting him or her, why not use it? … or is that too easy!

We are not children and do not want or need to be looked after.

I hope Lord Norton that this small snapshot gives a little insight into the thoughts and feelings of the common man and that maybe some good will come of it.

Yours sincerely,


More information regarding my declaration can be found here: Lawful Rebellion … or scroll ALL the way up to the top of the page and click the “Lawful Rebellion” tab! … might just as well click the link eh?!


One thought on “An Honest Reply To A Lord

  1. You know that it is a criminal offense to attempt to defeat a trust.

    So I set up a trust to protect the rights of ICHOR Trust beneficiaries. Anyone may be a beneficiary as long as they can comply with the offer of IBA (Ichor Business Angel ) status and agree with what we have done.

    I have simply turned the tables on the corrupt people in the whole world and was very easy to do.

    I have been getting the criminal ruling class terrorist mentalitiess into debt with ICHOR Trust beneficiaries since 1998.

    To generate a debt with honourable people I have created, out of my mind and imagination, an offer to CONTINUE to go without my rights for a fee of £900,thousand million million. And this OFFER IS ACCEPTED BY PERFORMANCE WHILST ALSO GENERATING AN ESTOPPLE BY AQUIESENCE. I HAVE ALSO APPLIED QUANTUM LOGICAL THINKING.

    This offer is accumulating interest at the rate of 2.5% interest per month since IT WAS PRESENTED TO THE QUEEN AND THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER AND FIRST LORD OF THE TREASURY BACK IN 1999.

    There is much more to this and yes, I have a massive quantum army the likes as has never been seen before with technologies beyond the comprehension of bent minds and they are moving against corrupt members of society as we speak, and yes you appear to one member of my army.

    Reality is an inversion of your imagination thrown back at you and multiplied adinfinitum.

    It only takes one to stand up against the devil and there are much more than one now.

    Martin Mitchell

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